To Paraphrase the article below, fleets would be best of using the services of an experienced broker to source their vehicles (Preferably one offering free fleet management services). Who do we know that does all that??? 
Fleet managers looking to save money are being encouraged to consider multi-bid fleet acquisition in order to drive down leasing costs. 
Leasing rate reductions of between £20-£50 per month can be achieved by utilising multi-bid acquisition over other methods, with a reduced exposure to risk. Multi-bid works by putting fleet renewal requirements before a panel of funders and the cheapest on the day wins the business meaning that fleets should always get the best value. 
Multi-supply acquisition means that fleets can competitively find leasing quotations from more than one lease company, but then can be faced with multiple contracts, invoices, and relationships to administer. 
Multi-bid acquisition can allow a fleet to source business contract hire quotations from one fleet management company with a panel of approved lease companies. Advantages of this include cost optimisation on each new vehicle order and more consistency in the total cost of ownership with a single point of contact. 
Using a fleet management provider that has the ability to deliver multi-bid acquisition doesn’t just provide one point of contact for any queries but can also provide transparent pricing, reduced lifecycle costs and enhanced service levels. 
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