Brighton and Hove City Council has announced that more than 200 new electric vehicle (EV) charge points are set to be installed across the city over the next few months. The project is being funded with £300,000 from the Office of Low Emissions (OLEV), and £100,000 from Electric Blue. 
The 207 new points will include 30 in areas with high parking demand, where the council is proposing mandatory electric charging spaces (in response to requests from residents who own or are thinking of buying EVs but have no off-street parking available). 
Most of the charging points will be installed on lampposts and will provide a full charge for vehicles parked overnight. 
A mobile phone app showing the locations of all points in the city and whether they are in use, will be available to download. 
Drivers will pay 28p per kilowatt hour to charge their vehicles at the public points. The fees will go towards the operating and maintenance of the stations. The council will receive 1p per kw/h in year one increasing to 4p per kw/h in year four. 
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