The Government has launched a consultation on introducing green number plates for zero emission cars. 
The aim is to raise awareness of the increasing number of zero emission vehicles on UK roads and to encourage greater uptake of the new vehicle technology. The Government first suggested it would look at adopting green number plates last year. 
Through the introduction of green number plates local authorities would have a useful visual identifier should they wish to introduce incentives to promote the use of zero emission vehicles, such as allowing these drivers to use bus lanes and to pay less for public parking. 
Potential plate designs include: 
• A fully green number plate with black lettering. 
• The addition of a green flash on the plate. 
• The addition of a green dot or symbol. 
The green number plate consultation will seek views from both the industry and the public on a number of aspects surrounding the scheme, including vehicle eligibility; plate design; and the rollout. 
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