UK companies have different views on whether a business should contribute to a home charging point if an employee chooses an electric vehicle, recent research suggests. 
Some businesses said they will cover the cost of installing a home charging point to encourage the take up of EVs. Other companies’ fleet policies state that this is the employee’s responsibility, arguing that (due to no benefit in kind on purely electric vehicles at the moment, and a very small amount next year) it’s not a lot to ask an employee to be responsible for charging their own vehicle without contributions from the company. 
Businesses also have to bear in mind that their policy will have an impact on the Low Emission Vehicle Grant, which provides up to £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point, as the grant only applies to an individual not a company. 
Some companies rule that if you have an electric vehicle, you must have a charging point installed at home - especially now, when people are working more remotely and not using office charge points. 
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