Almost three quarters of drivers have said they want councils to crackdown on engine idling with 44% of those saying they should be fined if they refuse to switch them off. One in four of the 2,130 drivers surveyed say motorists should just be told to switch their engines off without being fined however. 
Councils already have the power to take action against drivers who idle their vehicles while parked in the form a £20 fine, though only a few choose to enforce this. 
The research found that 88% of respondents said they see drivers parked at the side of a road or street with their engines still running. 
Drivers’ awareness to the issue appears to be growing, with more than half of those surveyed saying they are more concerned about the impact that vehicle emissions have on the environment and public health than they were three years ago. 
The Government has announced that it intends to launch a public consultation looking at increasing fines for idling drivers next summer. 
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