ALD Automotive is seeking to reset how fleets look at total cost of ownership for electric vehicles (EVs) with a new funding model that will see vehicles leased to second and third drivers after the first fleet customer 
Keeping the EV for longer reduces the risk of reduced residual value (RV) for an EV as it is only when the leasing company disposes of it that any profit or loss is realised. 
This new approach to risk on EVs by ALD will roll out in the next six months and is driven by a optimistic view on areas like RV and service, maintenance and repair costs. ALD will be focusing on pure EVs with a range of more than 180 miles and electric vans will also be included in the project. 
ALD’s approach will be to offer business contract hire to the first EV user and then it is likely to focus on PCH customers for the second and third lessee, rather than remarketing that vehicle via auction or used car retail. The vehicles will be refurbished and the battery inspected as part of its new plan to realise the full potential of the asset. 
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